Electrical solutions for potentially explosive atmospheres

The use of electrical and non-electrical equipment in hazardous areas is a high risk, it is important to use a protection mode in line with the conditions of use of the Ex zone.

Our teams are trained according to the directive 2014/34 / EU for the different standards in force and to the different modes of protection via the notified body INERIS and its qualifying training ISM ATEX for the design, construction and maintenance of installations in potentially explosive atmospheres .
Our teams are also certified according to IEC international standards via their IEC EX proficiency certificates issued by INERIS.

Our project engineers can answer you since the creation of the specifications until the realization and the ceritfication of equipment tailor made for a safe use in explosive zone.

Whatever your dimensions, the Ex zone and the environmental conditions of use, our engineers can offer you a solution specific to your needs.

Examples of realization:
Control panel mounted wired according to your drawings on gas compression SKIDs in Qatar.
Custom pressurized cabinet certified EAC (GOST K Certification) for applications located in Kazakhstan.