Electrical solutions for potentially explosive atmospheres

Our manufacturing plant located in France has specialized for more than 30 years in the production of stainless steel enclosures for severe environments.
We have developed this specific product line to meet the needs of users faced with the installation of electrical enclosures in hazardous areas.

The seal of our enclosures has undergone thermal endurance tests according to EN / IEC 60079-0 and has been validated according to the IP66 protection rating for use between -35°C and +90°C.

Our envelopes can be equipped with windows, 19-inch rack, pedestals, sun protection ...

For warm ambient temperatures, we can plan a VORTEX cooler or one of our Ex air conditioners.
For cold ambient temperatures, we can offer solutions for internal heating and thermal insulation.

We offer several types of stainless steels: - Type 304 L (1.40307 - AISI 304 L) stainless steel that prevents generalized corrosion in most aggressive environments. They are usually chosen for their good resistance to corrosion. - Stainless steel Type 316 L (1.4404 - AISI 316 L) which has a corrosion resistance improved by the presence of molybdenum. This stainless steel is the best suited to prevent pitting corrosion and stress in environments loaded with chlorine.

Area of use: For installations in chemistry and petrochemistry, in the construction of machine control and installation equipment, in pharmacy and food industry as well as for offshore areas. Application Gas Zone and / or Dust.

Usage examples: Control enclosure, power cabinet (frequency inverters ...), man / machine interface, PLC enclosure, gas analysis enclosure, application containing standard equipment.